True adventurers.

Meet the people who make work at BlueEarth Innovation such an exhilarating ride. We are a good-natured band of brilliant developers, plucky project managers, inventive testers, and engaged leaders.

Jeri Novalany

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Traveler without an itinerary

Jeri loves creating a company that is irresistible to work at and a no-brainer to hire. When she’s not at work she loves to travel without an itinerary, camp, hike, snowshoe, write, or kayak.

Greg Lyon



Greg’s favorite part of his job is getting to invent something new with clients. In his spare time he loves to ski, camp, surf (when he gets the chance), and is an active photographer.

Ken Sherwood

Vice President

Reading Zealot

Ken’s favorite part of his job is to diagnose a problem. He loves to understand a client’s concerns, desires, fears, and limits. It’s like being a cross between a doctor, a detective, and a reporter. In his spare time Ken loves to read physical copies of books.

Bob Ambler

VP of Finance


When Bob isn’t rocking HR, and finance; he loves to woodwork, hike, and spend time up north.

Grant Weeks

Managing Developer


Grant loves to fix things and break them again, then fix them again. In his spare time he loves being a dad and playing the guitar. He is a celebrity in his own mind.

Doyle Lewis

Managing Developer


Doyle is active in martial arts, he coaches hockey, and loves playing the lego video games.

Mike Walton

Managing Developer

Fire Bender

Mike loves discovering new tech that makes life easier. In his spare time he loves to brew beer, PC game, and spin fire.


Safety Hound

Bacon Connoisseur

Taiga is always happy and energetic. She is afraid of hardwood floors and open water. She will fetch exactly 3 times. She's also a dog that can't count and every once in a while slips and goes to 4. She is an experienced urban hunter, like her brother Yuki. She loves when her humans go out of town because she gets spoiled with bacon.


Lead Vocalist

Snow King

Yuki sleeps a lot and sometimes will talk in his sleep. He also has a secret leg twitching scratch spot, and would love for you to find it. He loves snow and will often make a beard out of it. He is an experienced urban hunter, like his sister Taiga. He loves when his humans go out of town because he gets spoiled with bacon.

Ben Jackson

Web Developer

Hobby Collector

Benton is a collector of hobbies. He loves to camp, practice different types of arts, is a private pilot, is learning japanese, is an amateur HAM radio operator his call sign is KØBHJ if you ever want to reach out to him!


Ninja Warrior

Agility Course Master

At work Suki is an equal opportunity snuggler and makes sure everyone gets a chance to pet her. She loves practicing agility, taking long walks, riding in the canoe, and chasing squirrels. She’s even been known to climb a tree to try and get to the squirrels!

Mark O'Brien

Web Developer

Office (Nerf) Sniper

When Mark isn't sniping his fellow co-workers with a nerf gun, or problem solving a tough bit of code; he can usually be found in the garage working on a home improvement project with his favorite sidekick Davin.

Jason Heiser

Web Developer

Pinball Wizard

Jason is your basic computer nerd and has been making stuff on the web since 1997, though he still thinks JavaScript is magic. Offline, he toils in group exercise classes, collects artifacts from his distant youth, and restores old pinball machines.

Drew Bombard

Developer & UX


Drew loves to laugh with others at work, he also loves donut Fridays, and pranking people when they go on vacation. Outside of work he loves to ski and frisbee golf.

Chris Hanson

Web Developer

Movie Guru

When Chris isn’t coding he loves to go on long bike rides, play guitar and the bass, camp and hike, and go to the movies.

Jason Counihan

Project Manager

Soccer Star

Jason’s favorite part of his job is helping clients achieve their business goals. When he isn’t doing that he’s playing soccer, or just spending time outdoors and traveling.

Meaghan Raleigh

Front-End Developer


Meaghan loves to listen to Folk Death Metal while she codes. When Meaghan isn’t rocking out, coding, reading, or crafting: Her natural habitat can be found along the North Shore of Minnesota - close to water and trees.


Smug Mug

Happy Camper

When Blue isn't sleeping on the job, or doling out kisses, she loves being outside, or camping with her three favorite humans.

Kammy Lyon

Office Admin

Craft Princess

Kammy is an organizer by nature. She loves fiber arts of all kinds - sewing, knitting, cross stitcch, quilting. When she's not crafting she likes board games and baking.

Steve Scheel

.NET Developer

Sportsball Fanatic

Steve loves to get hands on with code to understand how it works. In his spare time he likes to play drums and guitar. He also enjoys playing baseball, hockey, hiking, and camping.

Tim Niccum

Quality Assurance

Kayaking Voyager

Tim's favorite parts about his job are: the teamwork, the Donuts on Fridays, and the fact he got a chair for his desk. When not sitting at his desk breaking everything he can and eating a donut, he can be found Hiking around the North Shore or playing video games with his online friends. He finds his inner peace by Meditation in the mornings.

Up for a challenge? Then, let the adventure begin.

If you're someone who likes to play in the same sandbox year after year, BlueEarth is not the place for you. Our developers are always hungry for more. More challenges, more expertise, more knowledge. Never complacent to play it safe and always learning.


Love the Work

We are passionate about the technology and we strive for excellence. There is joy in solving the intricate problems.

Be a Doer

We focus on great results. We stick with it when things get hard. We identify the problem and focus on the solution. We are tenacious.

Support the Team

We collaborate well, and respect one another. We come with no-ego. We don't finger-point.

Focus on the Customer

Our client is part of the team; we put ourselves in their shoes. We are curious about their business.

Embrace Positivity

We seek first to understand, then to be understood. We are kind. We assume positive intent. We encourage healthy conflict resolution.

Always Learning

We bring new ideas to the company. We take calculated risks and try new things. We keep up to date on the industry and add new skills to our tool belts. We do not get stuck on “this is how it has always been”.

Choose Wisely

We use good judgement and prioritize well. We choose what is best for customers and the company in the long term.