Supercharge your eLearning site

Thursday, December 20, 2018

More and more companies and organizations across the globe are relying on eLearning as an effective means to train their students and workforce. If done right, it can produce great results by decreasing costs and improving performance.

Since people’s attention spans are now shorter than a goldfish (yes, it’s true!), there are several things you can do that lead to success in eLearning course development and learner engagement. Let’s take a look at our top three suggestions on how to supercharge your eLearning site:


Keep it simple. While content is obviously key and needs to be presented in an engaging and digestible way, course design is equally important. The “Zen approach”, or achieving the most with minimal means, has been shown to enhance the user experience as well as achieve the best results from a course success standpoint. It makes sense because the more distractions a learner is faced with, the more overwhelming the entire process seems. As a result, the mind easily gets distracted and the effect of the training program is lost.

So, what does simplicity of design look like?

  • Plenty of white space
  • Buttons and other functions in the same place for each page, for the whole course
  • Usage of a limited number of colors; 3 is optimal
  • Consistency in the design of charts, graphs, tables
  • Similar style of images used throughout the course


Gamification is the concept of applying game design to non-game applications. Learners love gamification because it can be very fun and extremely engaging if done right. From an eLearning standpoint, the best way to succeed using gamification relies on creating a concept that:

  • Captures and keeps learners’ attention
  • Challenges them
  • Engages, entertains and teaches them

Gamification comes with solid benefits, too. A good gamification strategy that engages learners will lead to an increase in recall and retention, essentially a better learning experience overall.  It also provides a better learning environment that enables learners to practice real-life situations in a safe, non-threatening environment.


The concept of physical badges as a sign of achievements or accomplishments has been around for hundreds of years and has been used by organizations like the United States military and the Boy Scouts of America.

So it’s no surprise that digital badging has made its way into eLearning. Awarding badges in your online course is a great way to acknowledge your learners’ accomplishments, and when executed properly, increases user engagement by motivating them to continue through the curriculum to the next badge level. Badging taps into a core human trait that many of us possess – competition. Not necessarily a need to compete against others, but a need that motivates learners to “level up” and earn the next badge, and the next after that.

As an added bonus, badging helps you as the curriculum provider stay on track in your content development, as it requires you to have clarity of purpose as you move through the content creation.

If you have questions about how to supercharge your eLearning site, please contact us! At BlueEarth Innovation, we love eLearning and would love to help you.