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Premier Makeup and Hair Design

Creative Beaute Agency (CBA) provides on-location, premier makeup and hair design services that are personalized and unique to each client, who might be brides or wedding planners.

Matchmaking for Brides and Artists

Essentially, CBA connects people with hair and makeup stylist services; think Uber for hair and makeup services for special events.


Background Solution

Bogged Down by Mundane Tasks

The CBA owner, Robbin, contacted BlueEarth Innovation because his back-end website functionality was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Automation Built for Scaling

Because CBA was growing quickly, Robbin needed automation that would reduce the number of manual processes that currently existed so that he could scale his business.


Opportunity Results

Custom Solution Required

Not everyone needs a custom content management system (CMS), but in this instance the CBA workflow was so custom and complex, no off-the-shelf CMS system would meet their needs.

Better UX for both CBA and Its Customers

So, BlueEarth built a custom content management system from the ground up. BlueEarth also redesigned the functionality to make the user experience easy, quick, and efficient for clients.



Easily Expand Into New Markets

The new website that BlueEarth rebuilt allowed CBA to scale rapidly from one to six regions and was easier for clients to use as well.

Match Made In Heaven

In addition, BlueEarth and CBA now have an ongoing partnership established so that CBA can make ongoing website edits and design changes to keep up with changing technology.