EatingWell Frozen Entrees

Our Work



More Than a Magazine

EatingWell has been at the forefront of the healthy-eating movement for more than 25 years; the EatingWell magazine started with a simple goal – to help you eat better.

Growing Presence

What started as a simple lifestyle magazine has grown into a library of cookbooks, a website, and a large social presence serving a community of like-minded fans.


Background Solution

Ready For Launch

Continuing to engage with their customers in new and exciting ways, EatingWell decided to launch a line of EatingWell frozen entrees.

New Product New Site

They came to BlueEarth for help with their web presence for this new product launch. EatingWell needed a website that was as informative as it was beautiful, and reflected the passion of the brand.


Opportunity Results

Beautiful Custom Design

BlueEarth provided custom theming to support the responsive design, and added significant functionality, such as a store locator widget and an offers/coupons engine. Since providing the consumer with the facts to make an informed decision is so important to the EatingWell mission, we also built out an attractive page providing nutrition facts and ingredients for each product.

Playing Well With Others

This project was very collaborative, with an outside designer and heavy client involvement to make sure the overall experience was perfect. This three-way collaboration between the client, an outside design agency, and BlueEarth is a common engagement model, with BlueEarth coordinating the project and providing development services.



Providing Great Content To Consumers

The EatingWell team has been very pleased with the success of the website and utilization by consumers. Consumers are using this site for education about wise food choices; the new structure makes that information easy to find and provides a convenient and enjoyable user experience.

Beautiful Mobile Site

Over half of the visitors using the new EatingWell website are using mobile devices and those visits are now exceptional. The site is a source of inspiration for those committed to healthy eating, with creative recipes, special offers, and a store locator.