Our Work



One Company, Three Brands

New Mountain Learning is a diversified education company with three prominent brands: EMC School, Paradigm Education Solutions, and JIST Career Solutions.

Learning Solutions

EMC is a leading provider of world language learning solutions for the K-12 market, while Paradigm serves the postsecondary market.


Background Solution

Virtual Textbooks

As students and teachers have embraced mobile technologies, they increasingly desire the ease of use that eBooks provide and do not want cumbersome, heavy textbooks.

An eBook Solution

EMC and Paradigm wanted to provide eBook solutions, but were not able to find an off-the-shelf solution for eBook technology that gave them the functionality they were looking for.


Opportunity Results

Digital Bookshelf

BlueEarth proposed a digital bookshelf for students to access the eBooks needed for their courses in addition to a custom CMS platform for managing content and users.

Interactive Features

The digital bookshelf included highly interactive features with activities and quizzes that help students master core content and strengthen their skills.



Exceptional Content, Delivered

EMC and Paradigm are now able to deliver exceptional content in a way that today’s students want to engage with it.

Forefront of eLearning

BlueEarth continues to work with Paradigm and EMC to update the eBook platform and add new features that enable them to remain at the forefront of eLearning technology.