Our Work



Long-time Partners

1517 Media and BlueEarth have been partners in the technology field for many years. Together they have teamed up on many of the software platforms 1517 sells to their churches.

Church Publishers Collaborating

Church Publishing Inc. (CPI) approached 1517 about a collaboration. What if they could rebrand and adapt 1517's Sundays & Seasons worship planning platform for their own customers?


Background Solution

Worship Planning Made Easy

CPI and 1517 wanted a solution that would include everything necessary to plan worship quickly and easily, every week.

Powerful Functionality

This platform needed to include authorized liturgical and worship music, at-a-glance calendars, and fully customizable templates for churches to streamline their weekly worship planning.


Opportunity Results

Strengths of Three Teams

Stakeholders at CPI served as brilliant subject matter experts, entrusting the development process to 1517 and BEI. 1517 worked closely with BEI to transform the Sundays & Seasons codebase for an Episcopalian audience.

Deliver Early and Often

Each company had important roles to play; with 1517 serving as the linchpin to facilitate communication and collaboration. Each week the iterative process allowed all involved to watch the software come to life.



Instant Success

RitePlanning has already been receiving glowing reviews. Within hours of launch, even before being advertised, churches were signing up for free trials and paid subscriptions!

Only the Beginning

As CPI continues to see success with their new product, 1517 and BEI will remain in partnership with CPI for any development needs.