Safe 2 Eat

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For Restaurateurs

An attractive business opportunity for immigrants in the Twin Cities is becoming a restaurateur serving native dishes. Creative, vibrant ethnic restaurants are a thriving part of the Twin Cities food scene.

Training in Native Languages

However, many first time restaurant owners and their staff are not thoroughly grounded in the food handling practices required by the FDA, and there is not a lot of training in their native languages.


Background Solution

Better Education for Food Handlers

The Learning Technology Media Lab (LTML) saw an opportunity to create an entertaining app to act as a supplement to the required live training for food handlers. This would help to better educate food handlers on safe practices for food preparation.

Partnership with LT Media Lab

LTML had the design, content, and business case, but they needed a talented team of developers to make this a reality, and tapped BlueEarth for help. BEI recommended building Safe2Eat using the Ionic Framework to create a clean, simple, and highly functional app.


Opportunity Results

Interactive Food Safety Training

The Safe2Eat app is an interactive food safety training app that displays beautifully on both iOS and Android devices. Using the Ionic Framework allowed us to build and maintain one app instead of two to accommodate different devices, and deploy seamlessly and quickly.

Offered in Three Languages

The Safe2Eat app is grounded in the FDA Food Code and offered in three languages: English, Spanish, and Somali. This app is designed to supplement live training classes, and is organized by topics covered in many food safety certification classes.



Effective Food Safety Training

Learners can use this app to help prepare for food manager certification classes, and will receive rapid feedback within the app. Offering the app in multiple languages increases the reach and effectiveness of food safety training.

Food Safety Made Fun

Delivering training through animated videos, interactive quizzes, and linked supplemental resources is a fun way for learners to absorb and retain food safety education. This popular app is offered on the App Store and Google Play.