Salon Innovations

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Singular Focus

Salon Innovations supplies beauty products to thousands of hair salons across the United States. For over 25 years, Salon Innovations has had an exclusive partnership with Great Clips; these two companies have enjoyed a rare and unusual business relationship predicated largely on trust in each other.

Mutual Trust

According to Great Clips: “Salon Innovations was willing to work with us at a time when we were so small that nobody wanted to take us on. And, we’ve worked together to grow the Great Clips brand all of these years with such a high level of trust that we’ve never even had a contract.”


Background Solution

Product Problem

Keeping an army of stylists informed on complex product lines (over 1,000 SKUs) is an enormous challenge for Salon Innovations. Their first idea was to transplant their website content into an iOS app for the iPads that Great Clips provides to their salons.

Getting Help

Salon Innovations consulted several development firms in the Twin Cities, but none of the proposals they received were satisfactory. Budgetary limitations were ignored and product vision was lacking. They kept looking and turned to BlueEarth Innovation for a solution.


Opportunity Results

Outside the Box

BlueEarth asked, “What is the best way to get this content into the hands of the stylists?” Thinking about the problem differently provided a crucial insight.

Responsive Renovation

Instead of struggling to build an iOS app on a limited budget, the existing website was modified into an information portal, designed and built with a responsive framework optimized for use on an iPad.



App-Like Experience

Great Clips stylists were very enthusiastic about the new website. They loved the responsive layout and how easily it put product information at their fingertips on an iPad; it felt just like an app to them.

Without App-Like Cost

BlueEarth was able to build a practical solution for one-third of the cost other development firms were quoting. We enjoyed working with Salon Innovations and they appreciated our economical ingenuity.