Sundays & Seasons

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Content for ELCA

1517 Media is the sole publisher of Evangelical Lutheran content for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

They create resources for Christian worship and faith formation, for academic study and professional development, and for individual edification and spiritual growth.


Background Solution

Worship Planning Online

1517 Media needed a rich and reliable digital application for Evangelical Lutheran churches to use for worship planning.

Lectionary Planning Done Right

The application needed to follow the three-year lectionary cycle and provide everything their churches needed to plan their worship services in one convenient location, always accessible online.


Opportunity Results

Game Changing Software for Churches

BlueEarth Innovation created Sundays & Seasons, a subscription-based service that brings together online all the content needed to plan and digitally assemble worship support materials, like a bulletin or a set of projection slides, in just a few simple steps.

Powerful Content At Your Fingertips

Sundays & Seasons lets you search for a specific worship text or song, provides liturgical resources, has a music planner option, a visuals library, and content for special services. The application allows easy collaboration with others to complete a worship plan.



Warm Reception

Sundays & Seasons has been enthusiastically received by Evangelical Lutheran church staff and is now an integral piece of planning engaging worship services.

More Time for Ministry

They are now able to spend less time on repetitive tasks, so they can give more time to the creative aspects of ministry, and spend more time connecting with their members.