Tenet Healthcare

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Diversified Healthcare

Tenet Healthcare is a diversified healthcare services company with more than 130,000 employees.

Helping People

They are united around a common mission: to help people live happier, healthier lives.


Background Solution

Rolling out a brand

Tenet engaged a Dallas advertising agency to help them with a company rebranding initiative. The creative work was complete, but now they faced the challenge of rolling out their new brand standards across all of their divisions.

Interactive Digital Asset Management

Tenet needed an interactive Digital Asset Manager (DAM) to help them roll out the new brand identity, including updating all of the marketing, advertising, and internal corporate materials to reflect the new brand identity.


Opportunity Results

Solutions to Common Problems

Existing commercial Document Asset Management solutions did not meet the needs of Tenet. This is a common problem that many BlueEarth Innovation customers face; many organizations find that existing internal-focused productivity applications either do not quite fit their needs, or they have been using one for some time and have outgrown it.

Custom Applications

In cases like this, BlueEarth can step in and build a custom application from the ground up, often for less than licensing the commercially available options. This is exactly what we did for Tenet. We built them a DAM from the ground up without any of the extraneous or confusing features that a commercial DAM would have.



Effectively Built

The transition to the new brand was a great success for Tenet and was accomplished with minimal issues thanks to the DAM built by BlueEarth.

Perfect Solutions

The marketing personnel at Tenet were able to use the DAM effectively because it had EXACTLY the features they needed, laid out in a way that made perfect sense to them.